Wide circles

Center development, encounter zone
4.800 m²

The unknown inspires caution. The principle of encounter zones is based on this basic psychological disposition. Looking around, seeking eye contact, assessing reactions cause mutual consideration and respect and make equal coexistence possible in the first place. We therefore want to create an atmosphere for the "passing motorist" on the new main square of Straß that is particularly different from his reserve of the linear roadway. Within the planning area, he thus loses the familiar track and has to adapt his behaviour, which focuses him on striving from A to B, to unfamiliar conditions. To create this surprise effect, the characteristic features of the road must be contrasted with the unexpected. In doing so, the street layout is essentially preserved, but loses its dominance in the surface of the square. We choose the circular form as the primary design element as a contrast to the linear stringency of the street.

Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus
Site plan
The huge ring, plant troughs
Market roof, tree grove
Landscape fields, info system
alley trees, circular bench, bicycle stand, waste bin