Studio Emmerer

Studio Emmerer follows a systemic approach that continues from urban planning to the interior design of a building. "We believe in relevance over niceness or passing fads. Therefore, our architecture is clear, radical, and sustainable.”


Studio Emmerer offers all service phases of architectural and property planning, from urban planning studies, conception and design, implementation and detailed planning to general planning.


Studio Emmerer has extensive experience in the conceptualisation and execution of buildings with highly complex functional and aesthetic requirements. A particular focus is on dealing with historical substance.

Team & Network

Studio Emmerer's projects are handled by teams of dedicated professionals. For the realisation of general planning services, the company has a well-established network of specialist planners at its disposal who can offer integrated planning in close cooperation with the client in the areas of statics, building services, safety engineering, building physics, acoustics as well as geology and archaeology.


Studio Emmerer works with the latest planning technologies and is also involved in research projects to develop new AI-supported design tools tailored for architects. "The best way for us as an architecture firm to avoid being at the mercy of the digital revolution that is currently taking place is to actively help shape the new tools we will be working with in the future."

© Studio Emmerer
© Studio Emmerer