Franciscan monastery

Franciscan monestary
Renovation & extension
Graz, Austria
Martin Emmerer, Clemens Luser, Hansjörg Luser, Lukas Negenborn

The Franciscan monastery forms a prominent part of the world cultural heritage of Graz’s old town and, with a monastery complex and a church, corresponds to the main city square. In addition to the monastery, the complex houses publicly accessible facilities such as the valuable library, halls for events, an emergency shelter and the monastery gardens.
In order to preserve the complex for the next generations, a general renovation has been carried out on the basis of a master plan since 2009, with which the Franciscans also want to set a visible sign for their centuries-long activity in the city and their commitment to the preservation of a healthy environment. Important contributions are the use of cutting-edge technology, the preservation of the heritage-protected substance and a low-consumption user behavior.

Attic extension
Attic extension
Entrance Bernardin-hall extension
Cellar vaults
Revitalisation of historic courtyards - town wall