Federal School of Viticulture and Pomology
Gross floor area
4.100 m²
Competition entry

The classicist existing building of the Federal School of Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg near Vienna is to be supplemented by an annexe and the historic school and research facility is to be further developed respectfully and at the same time self-confidently and in keeping with the times. The new south wing, set back from the main building, forms a unity with the main building in terms of colour and translates the design principles of the historic façade into the formal language of a modern timber hybrid building, which conveys stylish serenity and at the same time a new refreshing lightness. The timber element façade of the hybrid building reflects the clear construction principle of its supporting structure. The progression of forces creates a horizontal storey-by-storey layering. This is accompanied by the dissolution into increasingly filigree girder cross-sections. The joints and cornices create a sculptural play of light and shadow.
The greenhouses on the roof enter into a dialogue with the historical roofscape of the classicist existing building and crown the new head building as a striking landmark.

Giuseppe_Arcimboldo, Fruit_Basket, rastered
Physical model
Physical model
Physical model
Physical model
Ground floor
1th floor
2th floor
3rd floor
4th floor